Welcome to the Dome Ranch

Our Mission

The Dome Ranch is a safe environmental center dedicated to improving the lives of children, youth and adults by promoting healthy relationships between people, animals and nature. We provide a variety of academic and non-academic learning enrichment opportunities in a scenic rural setting, including the opportunity to experience a full "day-in-the-country" experience.

Who We Serve

The Dome Ranch is dedicated to serving all children, families, youth and adults, especially those who are socio-economically challenged by living in or at risk of long-term poverty, and/or experiencing developmental, emotional and physical disabilities.

About Us

The Dome Ranch is located on 32 acres in the beautiful bluffs of Spring Valley, Wisconsin only several miles from the famous Crystal Caves and within an hour's drive from the Twin Cities. Walking trails weave through our rolling hills and magnificent woods. We grow grass/alfalfa hay for our animals and vegetables and flowers for our family and guests. Our dome farmhouse is unique in the area as is our menagerie of sheep, horses, goats, kittens, dogs and other extraordinary animals.

Our Values

"We believe everyone needs someone to believe in them and love them unconditionally. We all can learn lifelong skills from nature. The animals at the Dome Ranch offer a safe learning experience. Even children are not intimidated by our animals and feel comfortable hugging, grooming, and feeding them treats. Our staff and animals are dedicated to making lives happier, more hopeful and successful."

Currently the animals at the Dome Ranch include Shetland sheep, miniature horses, three varieties of goats, a Great Pyrenees dog, kittens, and house dogs. Other animals arriving this spring are an emu, peacock and a Netherland Dwarf bunny.

We partner with the Diversity Leadership Institute